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"Colomba" is the Italian translation of dove, an universal symbol of peace. For Italians, a "Colomba" is a cake prepared to celebrate Easter festivities and seen by Italians as the beginning of spring. Italians eat "Colomba" either at breakfast pairing with an ubiquitous espresso coffee or cappuccino or at "merenda" (afternoon snack) after a fulfilling lunch.

Similarly, one beautiful spring day in 2021, Pasquale (aka Paco) and his group of Italian friends who have been living in New York for years, fell in love with a cozy spot, just off Washington Square Park, an area renowned for its "peace and love" culture. In a few months, "Colomba Bakery" came to fruition: a warm space to unplug, network and socialize while relishing a coffee, or savoring a yummy croissant, or lunching with a perfectly squared pizza or a gourmet panini. Exactly how the founders of "Colomba Bakery"  spent their youth in Italy…

2021-10-06_FSP5169 Colomba JPEG 2000px Q80.jpg
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